5 Questions With NFL Player Richie Incognito

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Richie Incognito talks about his fitness, career and motivation.


What does your workout routine consist of?

Off season training schedule typically consists of: 

30 minutes soft tissue / Activation

30-45 Minute movement period

- Different focus each day

- Change of Direction / Speed work - Sprint Mechanics / Acceleration / Position work

Followed by 45-60 minutes in the weight room

The last several years my training programs have been full body workouts

Monday: Upper body Push / Lower Body pull

Tuesday: Lower Body push / Upper Body pull

Wednesday: Regen / Massage/ Light Movement / Gun show

Thursday: same as Monday

Friday: same as Tuesday

Workouts typically start with a Power Block

Hang Cleans / Rotational Power Movements / Dynamic Squats on Keiser

Second block is Strength 

All movements / lifts are performed with Super Set

Bench / Stability - Core / Stretch

Squat / Stability - Core / Corrective exercise / Stretch

Third Block is Auxiliary Movements that compliment each days lift. More core / stability work with possible metabolic work depending on what we worked on the field that day.

Weight room followed by conditioning 15-30 minutes conditioning 

Typically my Monday's and Friday's are my big running days

Half Gasser's 


300 yard shuttles 

Tuesday and Thursday are more metabolic stuff and work capacity conditioning on machines / low impact

Wednesday is an active rest day

Soft tissue / Activation / Movement / Light Conditioning / Gun Show


What does your weekly diet prep consist of?

I work with my nutritionist to build a meal plan and supplement guideline. Everything that goes in is to fuel my body to perform. All calories / fats / carbs / proteins are counted and accounted for throughout the day.

Off Season is usually a time to take Weight off for me. I have been using a 2,550 calorie diet that tappers calories and carbs down from morning until night. My biggest meal of the day is breakfast.

Breakfast 686 calories / 6 ounces protein / 1.5 cups of carbs / 1/2 serving of fruit / 2 Servings Fat

Post workout shake 390 Calories

Lunch 588 calories / 3 servings vegetables / 6 oz protein / 1.5 cups of carbs / 2 servings of fat

Snack 285 calories 2 servings of protein / 1 serving of fat

Dinner 400 calories 3 servings Vegetables / 8 ounces protein / 1 serving fat

Snack 229 calories 1.5 servings of protein / 1 serving of fat

I eat by the 80 / 20 method. 80% I stick to this exact diet the other 20% is where I eat whatever I want. I don't do "cheat days". I work hard enough that if I want something unhealthy like pizza or burgers I can mix it in as long as I'm keeping it tight and on schedule the rest of the week. I'm 325 lbs and can easily put on weight. I have to be diligent especially in the off season because my workload is down and the calories add up fast while traveling/ enjoying the off season.

During the season I typically consume near 4,500 calories.


How do you stay motivated to train?

I stay motivated to train because Football is not only my job, it's my life. I've been playing since I was twelve years old. To be a beast on the field you have to train and prepare like a beast off the field. No one makes it to this level without a high level of self-discipline. I've always loved the weight room and training. I competed in weight lifting in high school and chose the University of Nebraska for their attitude toward training. During the off season I get stir crazy when I'm not in the gym. When I do get the chance to train and prepare for the season I'm all in.


What is your tip for people who are having a hard time committing?

If you don't get motivated by being a beast I have no tips for you. I don't live in that World.


What is your most important goal for your health and how did you set it?

My most important goal for my health is longevity on the football field. I want to play as long as possible. I love the game too much to not give it my all. My training regimen includes pilates, yoga and anything else I think that will help keep me on the field. I work with athletic trainers and physical therapist multiple times a week to correct any issues I'm dealing with and to prevent other things from popping up. I leave no stone unturned when it comes to my body and health and I'm open minded enough to try new things. Every off season I incorporate something new into my regimen. My ultimate goal is to play 100% of snaps every season.

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