Does athletic wear make a difference? Part I

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You might be surprised to know that the right athletic wear will make a difference in your fitness regime. For some, you may be wondering what the point of athletic sportswear even is. Questions like, “You're purposefully going to get hot and sweaty, so why even bother?” or  “Why won’t an old pair of shorts and a cotton t shirt work just as well?” may be posed.  

Well, you’re about to find out why athletic apparel improves your performance in any exercise, training program, or sport.

Confidence boost

The clothing you wear always makes a difference. If it didn’t, there wouldn’t be so many variations, purposes, and types. To put into simple terms, you are more likely to go to the gym and focus on your workout if you feel comfortable. Clothing that fits well, satisfies your tastes, and offers the right support is going to make you feel more confident than without. This confidence translates into better performance.

Performance Improvement

One of the most well-known examples of how we can compare the necessity for performance wear is with swimsuits. Think about this, a man with a full wetsuit and another man in a baggy pair of old basketball shorts are in a pool racing from one end to the other. Who do you think is going to swim across the pool fastest? The answer is a no-brainer. The drag created by the extra fabric of the old basketball shorts will surely make winning this competition impossible. This same concept can be applied to your everyday athletic apparel.

Protect and Prevent

Remember that old cotton t-shirt and beat up pair shorts we mentioned before? Well, this outfit can mean dangerous things for your body. First off, excess fabric can inevitably be a safety concern for many types of exercise. It is often necessary for tight fits for activities such as sprinting, swimming, dancing, wrestling, etc. Also keep in mind the type of fabric and density of fabric in your athletic sportswear. Cotton, for example, will absorb large amounts of sweat and keep it close to your body instead of specifically designed fabrics that wick away moisture. If not properly ventilated, perspiration and heat build up can have serious health effects while in the middle of your workout. Be sure your athletic wear, from head to toe, is designed for the specific activity you are performing.

These are just a few of the reasons the right athletic apparel is crucial for overall athletic success. At Lights Out Brand, we understand the difference athleticwear can have. Check out our store today.

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