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HOW I TRAIN: FITNESS STUDIO OWNER JOEY FOLEYBrooklyn’s Punch Pedal House has been called one of New York City’s best high-intensity workouts for its heart-pounding, heavy-bag punching, pedal-pumping blend of boxing and spin workouts.

Just like the NYC borough is known for its diversity, Punch Pedal House’s unique mix of cardio and combat make this group-training hot spot an unusually equal favorite for both women and men.

The studios workout blend matches the fitness style of owner Joey Foley, a four-sport All-state high school athlete, and a former wide receiver and track athlete at the University of Pittsburgh, who in addition to leading daily live-streaming workouts, also trains as a competitive triathlete.

“From the very beginning, our philosophy has been that people need group fitness, so [prior to the COVID pandemic] we originally pushed away from online because studios allow you to be connected with a human,” Foley says. [When the pandemic ends], I think that gyms and boutique studios will survive.”

How did football/sports prepare shape you to make the jump to building your own fitness brand/studio?

Football, actually organized sports in general, prepared me for the real world. The way the world works these days, no one is on a level playing field. Everyone has flaws. Sports helped enhance my attributes while also cultivating my issues as a teen. Team sports showed me diversity. It showed me that I need to improve, and just because I might be the best on my team does not mean I am the best in the county, state, or country. There will always be someone better than you. Someone might have been gifted a talent, a favor, or simply working harder. You will be the one that makes or breaks your future.

What's a misconception non-cycling enthusiasts may have with spin?

I think there are actually two misconceptions: One, that indoor cycling is just for women, which is not true at all. The second is that spin cannot translate to outdoor cycling. There are different types of indoor cycling: rhythmic and watts. I prefer rhythmic riding because it takes you away from “numbers” and focuses on an overall mind and body experience. With watts, in my opinion, you blow out your quads for no reason and doesn’t translate to outdoors. It’s a huge difference. Rhythmic is just a better workout for everyone.

How has your training evolved from football to triathlete to leading a HIIT studio?

My training has changed drastically with age. Everything in football was about getting bigger and staying fast, and I put my body through hell for that, and still have issues to this day. Now my biggest focus is on staying clean and healthy with my diet, which means nothing processed, no animal products except for the occasional fish.

What’s your fitness philosophy?

My day-to-day is always do something—even if that sometimes means resting. When I say rest, I mean as a form of recovery, focusing instead on massages, compression sessions, and stretching.

Name one piece(s) of equipment everyone should have at home or you recommend to all your clients.

Get yourself a foam roller—I cannot express this enough. It can warm you up if you’re tight, and it can cool you down as a recovery tool. I preach warmup and recovery all the time.

What's the one exercise everyone should have in their routine?

Core-focused workouts, and not just to look good on the beach or in the bedroom. It’s called your core for a reason—it’s the nucleus of your body. From your stomach, to your lower back and hips, your core is used in every aspect of your life. It’s what holds you together.

What’s one piece of advice for people trying to maintain an at-home workout routine?

Everyone can find 30 to 60 minutes a day to do something. I run Punch Pedal and JWF Capital, an outsourced real estate analyst company, and I also have a newborn baby, and I manage to find the time. So can you. You should stick to a scheduled time of day—morning, lunch, or night—to work out. Make that time your time… and put your phone on airplane mode.


TIME: 7 minutes per round
EQUIPMENT NEEDED: yoga mat (optional), foot straps
INSTRUCTIONS: Perform each move for a 30-second interval. Jump to the next exercise with little or no rest. (For added conditioning, if you have a bike, you can also add a long-distance ride prior to this workout.)

1. Situps
2. Leg Lifts w/hip Raise
3. Sprinter Sit-ups
4. One-Sided V-Ups
5. Opposite Side V-Ups
6. Bicycle Situps
7. Mountain Climbers (outside knee placement)
8. Mountain Climbers (opposite elbow knee placement)
9. Side Plank
10. Opposite Side Plank
11. Superman (both arms and legs raised)
12. Superman (opposite arm and leg raise)
13. Bicycle Situps
14. Situps

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by Jeff Tomko

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